Who we are ?

We are a group of professional PowerPoint designers and entrepreneurs, passionate about rock’n presentation decks that visually engage. We have been serving the presentations industry for a while, learning with every project a little bit more about our customer needs and the industry trends.

Why we created SlideShapes ?

Mediocre presentations are not acceptable anymore. Every presenter should know that their visual collateral needs to impress, engage and complement the speech message.

When creating great presentations, individual presenters and professional designers know that visual content empowers the message. The right image will help the audience to retain what they are hearing. For this reason, a very valuable assets in the process of slides design is the ability to use professionally designed Shapes. When creating professional PowerPoint presentations we identified that most of our time was invested in the creation, search, import and reuse of PowerPoint Shapes. Even though we were pretty much experts on the seek and reuse practices we always wondered, “What If…we had an embedded tool that would let me search the shapes I need to include in this slides, and just drag it and drop it” and even better “What if…I could collaborate with my colleges and share my shapes library with them”?

How we created SlideShapes ?

In the pursue of the right tool for us, we tested several available products, and we need to admit, some of them really matched our expectations; but we wanted to reach further. We wanted the right tool, with the right content. Once we understood that last statement, we realised we were going to create the tool for us. We decided to partner with the developers that understood the vision and with the right content providers that could deliver the amazing content we required. We were going to boost our productivity and design quality.

What is SlideShapes ?

SlideShapes is our interpretation of the right tool for using professionally designed PowerPoint shapes in your deck, while saving time during the creation process. The Shapes are created for PowerPoint, following the design industry best practices. SlideShapes will help you with the tasks of finding and including the right shape for your designs, and even better, it will let you create new galleries with your newly created shapes, for later reuse. SlideShapes can work offline, so you do not need to be connected to internet to search for your shapes and include them in your slide. One more thing, it is embedded in PowerPoint!, you don’t need to leave the tool to seek, find and include your shapes. Stop navigating your PowerPoint files looking for the right shapes to include in your next design, install SlideShapes and take advantage of professionally designed shapes combined with the productivity boost of the tool.

Current Version

SlideShapes is currently under Beta Release. We have selected a group of users willing to test the product in exchange of feedback. If you want to become one of SlideShapes Beta Testers, send us an email to: